Metaphysical Myotherapy combines the principles of Myotherapy (therapeutic massage) and energetic therapies. Marie blends many of the massage and energy medicine techniques she has acquired over the years into a custom-designed session to meet your unique needs and goals. Metaphysical Myotherapy incorporates physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements and therefore supports the mind-body-spirit approach to wellness rather than drawing on only a physiological approach.

Some of these techniques include well known therapies such as Swedish Massage, Esalen or Qi Massage and guided imagery for relaxation, Trigger Point Therapy, Orthopedic and Fascial Release for chronic conditions and sports injuries, and Reiki or Integrated Energy Therapy® to release blockages in your energy body. Generally, therapy sessions can be expected to include variations of kneading, gliding strokes, stretching and the application of pressure to targeted points with concurrent use of energetic therapies, which guide you into a deeper state of relaxation.

Metaphysical Myotherapy is especially effective for:

  • When massage alone does not relieve physical symptoms
  • Easing chronic pain and auto-immune conditions
  • Easing chronic fatigue and other symptoms of chronic stress
  • Assisting cancer patients in their recovery process
  • Hospice care to ease pain, stress and fear around the dying process
  • Issues due to aging
  • Work related and sports injuries
  • Establishing a stronger connection between one’s energy body, physical body and higher-mind

Energy Exchange Rates:

90 minutes – $120

120 minutes $150

Hot towels, aromatherapy and hot stones included 

Prefer Myotherapy Only?


60 minutes – $75

90 minutes – $105

120 minutes – $135.00

30 min -$50 (only for repeat clients needing a single area tune-up)

Hot towels, aromatherapy, crystals and hot stones included 

Modality Descriptions:

Lymphatic massage was developed in Germany for treatment of lymphedema (an accumulation of fluid that can occur after lymph nodes are removed during surgery). Today, lymph massage is also used help conditions such as edema due to injury, lymph fluid stagnation and lymph gland swelling from cold and flu to name a few. The manual lymph massage flushes out toxins from the body by increasing lymph flow to the right lymphatic duct and thoracic duct. This modality uses very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph so the levels of toxins in your body are reduced and your immune system is enhanced.

Swedish Massage – The use of kneading, gliding,  circular friction, joint mobilization, stretching and tapotement to soothe and release tension in the body, release toxins such as lactic and carbonic acid that can be trapped in the muscle tissues, causing pain and discomfort, increase lymphatic and circulatory flow and bring about a general feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Chi/Qi Massage – The use of kneading, gliding and stretching techniques enhanced with Qi energy and movement techniques, thereby inducing a deeper, even meditative state of relaxation. Aromatherapy may be used to enhance energetic effects of massage.

Trigger-Point Therapy – Ischemic compression applied to and area of muscle where the tissue is in spasm. By robbing the spasm of oxygen, it will release and alleviate pain and tension in the tissues.

Aromatherapy – The use of distilled essences to enhance mental/emotional/physical release of pain and tension and energy blockages and instill a sense of wellbeing and harmony.

Hot Stone Therapy – Hot stones have been used for healing since antiquity and have been used by Native American cultures for certain ceremonies. Marie first learned about the use of hot stones when living in South Dakota in the early 1990’s, where she often helped out a friend who was a pipe carrier for a sobriety sweat lodge. She was taught how to choose stones that could withstand the heat and steam without exploding. Feeling the vibrational power of each stone that she chose, and observing how it harmonized her energy field with the unique energy of each stone, Marie was inspired to incorporate the use of hot stones with rehabilitative massage to draw out chronic pain from the tissues and harmonize her client’s energy field. Marie also is certified in full-body hot stone spa therapy for relaxation and revitalization (choice of basalt or Himalayan stones).

Prenatal Massage is designed to reduce stress and promote wellness for a mother-to-be as her body encounters significant changes throughout her pregnancy. It is beneficial in relieving backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, edema and mental and physical fatigue by improving circulation, general muscle tone and engendering an overall sense of harmony and wellbeing.

Postnatal Massage enhances a mother’s recovery from pregnancy and childbirth and alleviates the new strains on her body as she cares for her newborn child. The strain on the back during and after pregnancy can be alleviated with deeper massage work to specifically soften and stretch the muscles and release trigger points/spasms. Massage also helps to rebalance the pelvis and ensure correct posture is regained as the ligaments and tendons begin to tighten and stabilize during postpartum recovery. Mother’s experiencing postpartum depression may also experience faster relief with the help of massage, which causes the release endorphins, the brain’s “feel-good” neurotransmitters. Aromatherapy is a good compliment to request with your massage for enhanced endorphin release.

Transverse Friction/Cross-Fiber Friction – Light to firm finger-tip pressure with movement across the fibers of the tendons at the origin or insertion point of a muscle to break up adhesions that are restricting range of motion. This can also be applied to the body of the muscle where there is scar tissue to soften and re-align it in the direction of the muscle fibers to relieve pain, improve muscular function and increase range of motion.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) – a form of rehabilitative massage that uses trigger-point therapy and transverse friction to release areas of strain in the muscles, tendons and fascia and re-model scar tissue.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Stretching – Typically used in sports and orthopedic massage, PNF is an assisted, contract-release stretching technique that facilitates the relaxation response at a deeper level in the muscle fibers.

Active Assisted Stretching in Orthopedic Massage – Active stretching performed by the client that is assisted by the therapist who applies pressure for an added static stretch to the movement.

Medical/Rehabilitative massage is performed with the intent of improving conditions that have been diagnosed by a medical physician or chiropractor and includes a wide variety of modalities or procedures. Basic massage techniques are employed at first to warm up the soft tissues before moving into deeper, neuromuscular techniques such as trigger point therapy, transverse friction and PNF stretching. Ice massage or heat may also be incorporated into the session.

Orthopedic Massage is an advanced discipline of medical massage, which involves therapeutic assessment followed by manipulation and movement of the soft tissues to reduce or eliminate pain or dysfunction. Techniques employed may be strain/counter-strain and capsular release for hip or shoulder conditions, active assisted stretching, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and multi-directional friction.

Strain/Counter-Strain – A manual technique used in orthopedic massage that passively positions the body to release muscle spasms and ease pain in soft tissues around joints by first compressing muscle fibers in the direction of the spasm and then gently releasing with a passive stretch.

Capsular Release – A manual technique used in orthopedic massage that assists in releasing adhesions deep in the shoulder or hip to ease “frozen” muscles, relieve pain and discomfort and restore normal range of motion.

Fascial Release/Myofascial Release – Injury, improper posture and body mechanics, and other physical stresses can cause fascia to tighten and bind around muscle tissue and cause adhesions, a condition where the fascia “sticks” and does not allow the muscle to glide through its normal range of motion. Fascial Release is the use of slow gliding strokes or hand pressure to “hook” into the fascia (a teflon-like tissue that surrounds muscle groups and is found between the surface of muscle groups and the subcutaneous tissue beneath the skin). The gliding strokes or hand pressure gradually shift the fascia to release adhesions. This action softens and structurally re-integrates fascia back to its normal state, thereby allowing the underlying muscles to function freely once again.

Reiki – is a Japanese energy medicine therapy developed by Dr. Usui to help reduce the effects of life-stress and to promote relaxation and healing. ​The concept of this technique is that if your life/God-force energy is low, you will be more likely to get sick and succumb to side effects of stress and if it is high, you experience happiness, good health and vitality.

Forrest Reiki is a blend of Usui and Tibetan methods with metaphysical modalities that includes work with the Angelic Realm, Forest Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters to more effectively clear cellular memories, blockages and issues that are no longer serving you, while balancing and harmonizing your chakras.

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) – Integrated Energy Therapy® is a healing system that uses divine energy from the angelic realm to release blockages that are affecting your health and clear your energy field. This energy is then channeled into nine energy centers along either side of the spine to “get the issues out of your tissues”. It is a safe and gentle way of releasing energy blockages that can cause imbalance and disease in the body.

Qigong – is a powerful system of healing and energy medicine from China. It is the art and science of using breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditation to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the life energy (qi). Qigong practice leads to better health and vitality and a tranquil state of mind. A qigong healing session uses breathwork and imagery as the practitioner channels universal life-force-energy into your energy centers to clear, re-balance and harmonize your mind-body and spirit.

Jyorei – is a Japanese healing practice of the Shumei Institute that means “purification of the spirit.” Shumei’s founder, Meishusama, developed Jyorei as a treatment for physical ailments. Jyorei is a shared act involving two people, one who gives and one who receives. The person receiving Jyorei may experience a sensation of tranquility and well-being. The giver benefits by gaining a larger capacity for compassion and love for others.


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