Intuitive Development

Developing Your Intuitive Abilities


The Crystal Connection for Protection
Developing Your Daily Practice
Introduction to Angelic Divination
~Marie Forrest August, 2017©
Revised October, 2018©

 In this course you will learn how to:

  • Increase the abilities of your five physical senses, which is the first step towards awakening your intuitive abilities.
  • Psychically protect yourself.
  • Connect with Divine Source from within your Higher/Divine-Mind.
  • Receive messages from spirit guides, angels, animal guides and other helpful guardians from the spirit realm.
  • Scan the human energy field clairvoyantly
  • Complete a psychic healing or intuitive reading for yourself or others.
  • Learn how to use psychic aids such as Book Divination or Angelic Oracle cards.

Introduction to the Psychic Realm

We are all born with 6 senses, seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, and mind – the sixth sense – which is also called intuition, clairvoyance or psychic sense. The sixth sense is a very powerful gift from the Creator that when fully developed, can become your internal compass to find your True North and keep you on a life path that is for your highest good and highest healing.

The course begins firstly, by strengthening your five -physical senses to your highest level of acuity. Secondly, you will learn to open the third eye and actively engage in exercises to strengthen this energy center. Thirdly, you will learn exercises to explore various levels of the etheric realm to help you deepen your ability to access and use all of these intuitive abilities.

You will discover which abilities come naturally to you and therefore, you may want to work on strengthening those first. However, it is advisable to work on all five intuitive abilities to give you the breadth of experience necessary to maintain continual connection with Divine Source and become a powerful intuitive channel. In so doing, you will gain clear, concise direction from Divine Source about how you may not only discover, but also successfully achieve, a life that is true to your heart, filled with love, joy, abundance and contentment. You will not only flourish in your own right, but your Divine light, shining out from the depths of your soul, will positively benefit your family and those around you, inspiring them to seek their truth, their own Sacred path that lights up their heart and soul.

By practicing the exercises provided in this course, and by using your intuitive abilities on a daily basis, you will keep your psychic energy centers (chakras) clear and open to Divine Source. Your intuitive abilities will continue to grow stronger and become as easy to access as your physical senses and you will gain the control necessary to turn them on and off at will.

This class is an 8 hour class currently taught in group settings or as one-to-one instruction. Contact Marie to register.

For more information please contact or 763-283-9407.

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