IET® 14 Steps to Transformation

Quite the opposite of “no pain – no gain”, the motto of these Steps To Transformation modules are “No Pleasure – No Treasure”.

The following IET Steps to Transformation modules are designed to create an environment of joy-filled energetic expansion and personal transformation and will help you heal your life without having to relive any drama or pain.
No previous IET®, Energy therapy or Angel experience is necessary, so if you are not sure you want to take the practitioner training, this is a great way to dive into experiencing the healing angels and the power of IET® energy processes in your own life on a personal level.
In these workshops, Marie will share her angelic energy connection with you, and teach you how to establish your own energetic connection or Heartlink® with the energy of the Healing Angels.
You will learn to use ancient sacred geometry, combined with special techniques that Stevan J. Thayer channeled from Angel Ariel, to “get the issues out of your tissues for good!”
In addition to experiencing these Steps to Transformation, you will learn hand mudras that will let you instantly re-activate them anytime. For the optimal transformational experience, we recommend you take the steps in sequence.
I offer this as either an amazing two day intensive Weekend  or seven-week Webinar program It provides an opportunity to clear your own blockages, activate your energy centers, and connect to the Healing Angels  Violet Angelic Ray.
As a webinar, after you have completed Step 1: Heartlink® with your Angels,  you have the option of dropping in on just the steps that particularly call to you, or take them in sequence.
You will receive a workbook and a certificate of completion if you attend all seven steps in-person. If you are taking the full training as the webinar, there is an extra fee of $23 for the manual, which includes the cost of packing and postage to mail the manual and certificate to you.

IET®  Power Steps to Transformation

Is your Soul calling to go deeper in your Spiritual Transformation Journey?
Are you Ready to say Yes to You and experience a deep inner transformation with the Angels and create a shift in your life which will lift you to levels of joy, peace, love and contentment beyond anything you could possibly imagine?
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IET®  WAG Higher Steps to Transformation

What is the World Angel Grid (WAG)?
The Healing Angels have asked us to work with them to create a worldwide grid of angelic energy, which they call The World Angel Grid or (WAG).
Participating in the WAG Steps 8-14, you will help the Angels:
Embrace the Planet with Divine Love, which will help Reverse Global Warming, Resolve Worldwide Conflict, End World Hunger and  Bring Peace to the Planet.
The angels requested through a message channeled by Stevan J.Thayer, that the IET®  community work directly with them to introduce a special infusion of angelic energy designed to bring about a much higher level of peace, harmony, and love in our lives and in the lives of people worldwide.
This angelic energy will help to clear resistance to love that is creating global warming, civil wars, and unrest worldwide. To read the WAG message from Angel Ariel please ​​click Here.
To learn more about each step, please click on the button below.

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