IET® Healing Circle

Needing the warmth of Divine Angelic Love?
Are you always giving to others and need to receive?
Do you want to learn about IET® and how it can improve your quality of life?
You are invited to this Angelic gathering for an amazing evening of healing, joy, transformation and lifting of spirit.
Connect with the angels and request healing for yourself, a family member or friend.
Please invite your family and friends as this is evening is open to everyone.
If you have never heard of or experienced Integrated Energy Therapy® and the Healing Angels of the Energy Field you are in for a treat!

Wondering What to Expect?

An IET® Healing Circle Includes, but is not limited to:
Group Healing – We will connect with the World Angel Grid and use the vibration of of the Nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field to lift our hearts and bless us with deep healing and peace for ourselves, Grandmother Earth and all who dwell upon and within her.
Blessing Bowl Process – Bring your requests for anything that you wish to shift, change, clear, heal, empower, modify or manifest in your life. We will place them in a blessing bowl for the angels to energize and manifest miracles for you and your loved ones.
IET® Empowered Healing Sessions – If you are a practitioner this is your opportunity to practice and ask questions. You may perform 5 minute healing sessions with each other and on group members new to IET® .
Stargate Clearing – help the Angels to release negative energies left lingering in the earth plane after natural disasters and violent world events, and help lost souls transition back to Divine Source.
New to IET®? This is your opportunity to receive healing for yourself and experience the healing power of the angels.
Join us as we  shift, change, clear, heal, empower, modify, expand or manifest that which is in your heart. As we heal ourselves we heal Grandmother Earth and bring peace to mitakuye owasin (all our relations, meaning all beings on and in Grandmother Earth, both animate and inanimate).
Come raise your vibration, expand your energy field and vibrate at a new level to manifest your dreams.​

Registration  Requirements

No pre-requisites are required.

The energy exchange rate for the IET® Healing Circle is $15. 

To register, contact Marie directly at  or 651-491-0527

Healing Circle is a two hour process

Next Healing Circle Date:
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