Meet The Healing Angels of the Energy Field

Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah & Michael.

And learn how they can help you heal and transform your life.

What you would like to shift, change clear, heal or manifest in your life?

Are you searching for a way to create more sacredness and  balance in your life?

Then get ready to experience an enlightening day of fun, joy, laughter, love and self-healing.
Feeling stuck and unable to move forward successfully into a life that resonates with your True-Self, with your heart’s desires?
Feeling weighed down by health, relationship or money issues? 
Caught in a negative thought loop or emotional roller coaster?
Maybe you are already successful in your life endeavors, yet feel that there’s somethin missing? Feeling stuck in the same old routine?
Perhaps you are at a cross roads and need guidance as to your next Step?
Are you ready to allow the Angelic Realm to do the heavy lifting to help you manifest that which is your innermost heart’s desire?  
Are you curious as to how to connect and feel the angels and angelic energy?
Would you like to learn how to open your heart to hear, feel, see and sense the Angelic Presence and deepen your relationship with the Angels?
Meet and feel the energy of the angels as they infuse you with a sense of completeness and belonging.
Learn about the gift each of the Healing Angels bring forth to you, which of the major chakras they each work with and how they heal emotional issues to lift us up into a more joyful, abundant, loving, peaceful life.


In this course you will learn how to deepen your relationship with The Divine Creator through the Angelic Realm and develop deeper level of trust in your own intuition.
Develop deep inner peace and knowing as you trust the guidance you receive.
Shift into new beliefs and positive thinking patterns of self-empowerment, worthiness and abundance.
Become empowered as you develop your own intuition and connection to the angels.
This is a fun, interactive, hands-on seminar that allows you to discover the ease with which you can communicate with the Angels and hear their messages

 Anything holding you back?

Is it safe to talk with the Angels?
Communicating with the Angels is a very safe encounter. You have total control since the Angels must obey your free-will. They will not do anything you don’t want them to do and you can direct them to stop if you change your mind about communicating with them and they must respect your wishes.
Worried whether you have the ability to communicate with Angels?
You don’t have to have be a trained psychic to communicate with the Angels. They do everything possible to make it easy for you to connect with them and receive messages, guidance and healing from them at any time. In fact, many students who take this class have little or no practice in intuitive communication, yet benefit on a deeply personal level from the Angelic experience.


Upcoming Classes:
Healing Angels Webinar Class Series


Marie offers Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) Classes via private instruction arranged on an individual basis or
in a small group setting.


I use a mentoring style of teaching in a private instruction or small-group setting in order to create a unique and empowering experience. You will have my undivided attention to help you explore the unique aspects of this healing system, to fully address your questions and to provide insights and additional information from my years of experience in energy work. As a result, you will take with you, a deeper understanding of the class material than you would in a large group setting.” ~ Marie

Private instruction is available at a slightly higher rate per class. If you are interested in scheduling, please contact Marie at 763-283-9407

You may also check the schedule for upcoming classes and early bird registration rates.


If you do not see a class date posted for a course you are interested in, feel free to inquire with Marie to get it on the schedule.

Registration  Requirements

No pre-requisites are required.

The energy exchange rate for the IET Healing Angels Class is $111. 

To register, you may go to the scheduling page on this website or contact Marie directly at  or 651-491-0527

In-person classes are from 11:00 AM ~7:30PM unless otherwise noted.

Class Materials: You will receive a fully illustrated Integrated Energy Therapy® Healing Angles Guide and an official Integrated Energy Therapy® Healing Angles Certificate inclusive of the course fee.


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