IET® For Pets

Integrated Energy Therapy ® For Pets Certification 

Our IET® for Pets class was developed for people with pets as well as people without pets who love animals.
This class focuses on cats, dogs, and horses and teaches how to offer a complete Basic Level IET® session to these wonderful creatures. The cellular memory in animals is in some ways similar to that of human beings, but is in many ways different.
This class explores the soul’s mission of these three types of pets (through information channeled from Angel Ariel), details their nine cellular memory areas, their IET® integration points, and the complete step-by-step session procedures.
A fun day of learning how to give back to these Divine beings that bring us so much Joy.
All of our beloved animals are experiencing the shift in consciousness just as we are and they are extremely sensitive to the earth shifts that are occurring since they have highly sensitive sensory systems. They feel stress in many ways and IET® is a wonderful way to support the release of energy blockages for them.

Morning IET® with Milich at my home in Ireland, a perfect way to start the day

The IET® Pets sessions are powerful for releasing trauma, stress, helping animals in the wild, pets at animal shelters and hospice settings. Anyone working with animals in these settings will be empowered with a tool to support both the animals and those they serve.
​Although we will focus on dogs, cats and horses, this protocol can be applied to all creatures … four-legged, winged, reptilian, etc. I have given IET® treatments to the deer, coyotes and muskrats who come to my back pond as well as rescued bearded dragons and birds.

IET® Hospice Care for Tessa

Tessa was a 17 year-old Bichon Frise who came to live with me when a friend could no longer care for her and her medical needs. Tessa was experiencing congestive heart failure and seizures, but with proper medicine and regular IET® sessions, her breathing trouble and frequency of seizures subsided.
She was present at every IET® class I taught during that time and sat inside the talking circle, soaking up all the beautiful energy everyone poured out to her.
Tessa transitioned on the same day as Louise Hay … and was in very caring company.

Minerva and Maxamillion

Minerva and Maxamillion, also 17 years-old, were very good teaching assitants along with Tessa. They too, were always at the center of the IET® learning circle. Max transitioned last April, so now it’s down to Minerva to assist with teaching, a role she takes seriously. 

Harry Potter

And this is Harry Potter, a great character whom I had the pleasure of working with last Fall.
He is a rescue horse, found as a colt – abandoned and starved. His harness had been on so long that the  skin on his muzzle and cheek was rubbed raw. 
A friend who is currently caring for six rescued horses in need, took Harry in, and six years on Harry is happy and healthy.
Harry loved the IET® sessions so much, that he got a bit jealous of the other horses when it was their turn!

Registration  Requirements

Prerequisites: Students must complete our Basic Level Integrated Energy Therapy® training class in order to take this class.

You do not bring pets to this class. We work with stuffed and or etheric animals, with the exception of therapy pets I may have working with the class.
You may bring a stuffed animal of your choice to class. you will also do distance healing on your or your friends pets at home as well as distance healing for rescue horses and other animals in need. 
The energy exchange rate for the IET Pets class is $130.

Each class taken individually requires a $50 deposit.

If classes are cancelled by the Instructor for any reason, your deposit will be fully refunded.

There is a $50 cancellation fee with all classes and workshops.

To register, contact Marie directly at
Marie@MarieForrest.com  or 763-283-9407

To schedule a IET® Pets healing session, please contact Marie directly at the email address above.

Classes are from 11:00 AM ~7:30PM unless otherwise noted.

Class Materials: You will receive a fully illustrated 34 page Integrated Energy Therapy® for Pets Guide and an official Integrated Energy Therapy® for Pets Certificate.

Facilitated by Rev. Marie Forrest, M.Ed., OrdM
IET Master-Instructor.

Upcoming Classes


To register contact Marie
You may also check the schedule for upcoming classes and early bird registration rates.


Marie offers Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) Classes via private instruction arranged on an individual basis or in a small group setting.

“I use a mentoring style of teaching in a private instruction or small-group setting in order to create a unique and empowering experience. You will have my undivided attention to help you explore the unique aspects of this healing system, to fully address your questions and to provide insights and additional information from my years of experience in energy work. As a result, you will take with you, a deeper understanding of the class material than you would in a large group setting.” ~ Marie

Private instruction is available for an additional fee. If you are interested in scheduling, please contact Marie at 763-283-9407 or Marie@MarieForrest.com.

If you do not see a class date posted for a course you are interested in, feel free to inquire with Marie to get it on the schedule.

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