Angelic House Clearing & Blessing

House clearing & blessing will release stagnant energies and entities from your home so you may enjoy your home as the peace-filled sanctuary it is meant to be …



Moving into a new home or feel that energy in your current home is lacking harmony and peace? Do you sense a presence in your home or just feel off-center by strange vibes? You may want to consider a house clearing and blessing.

If you are buying a new home, clearing and blessing your new space will release emotional and energetic imprints of the previous owners, draw in Divine Energy to imbue your home with higher vibrations, and energetically transform your home in to a peaceful sanctuary.


Sense a presence in your home or feel that negative energy or an entity has followed you home? Are you going through a divorce or separation and want to clear negative emotions and energies from your home? Has there been a death in the family or violence in the home?

A house clearing will release any lost souls and negative emotions and energies up to Divine Source where they are transmuted back to their original energetic state of pure love. After the clearing, your home and entire property will be blessed with 100% white light and Divine Love from the Angelic Realm. Marie will place beams of Angelic Energy throughout your home to protect it from any future negativity. Marie will also teach you a simple hand mudra to connect with the Angels so you may call upon them anytime to maintain the sense of peace, harmony, joy and pure love in your home.

A house clearing and blessing takes approximately two hours to perform, depending on the size of your home.

Energy exchange rates start at $300. A $75 deposit is required to hold your appointment time.

Cancellation policy: Please give 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep your appointment. There is a $75 cancellation fee if you do not provide 24 hours notice.



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