The Healing Angel Protocol ™ is a unique and powerful Shamanic therapy that connects both practitioner and client to the highest possible Divine Frequency for growth, healing and messages.

Benefits: of HAP:
●Let go of your ‘old story’ that no longer works for you and create a new one more in
alignment with your heart and soul.
●Acts to elevate consciousness as well as vibrational frequency.

●Aligns one emotionally, mentally and physically with desired outcomes

“No problem can be solved by the consciousness in which it was created”

~ Albert Einstein

​​●Releases family patterns of trauma, anxiety, or depression so that they no longer limit
functioning or life choices.
​●Supports the Sacred Relationship between the client and Source Energy.
●Allows for a deeper connection with intuition and greater confidence in emerging
●Empowers self-healing; the practitioner acts as a facilitator, not the origin of this
sacred exchange.
●Effective as a stand-alone modality or as an addition to an existing wellness program.

The Healing Angel Protocol® helps resolve the root of the
problem through awareness, understanding, and source healing.

Sessions are distance healing via Zoom so that you may remain in the comfort of your own home.

Energy Exchange Rate:

$120 with code Angel30 (regularly $150) May be reused through 12-31-2023

HAP is absolutely amazing! This is the most profound healing session I
have ever received. It is clearing out really old, old stuff and past-life issues that have
been holding me back. I feel so free!”

Cara Geist


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