Angelic Oracle Readings


Do you feel that there is something more you should be doing with your life, but do not know what that is? 

Are you trying to achieve something new and find hurdles keep getting in the way?  

Do you experience a certain type of person keeps showing up in your life and wonder if there is some significance to this phenomena? 

Are you curious about angles and wish to connect with them and/or find your guardian angel?

Are you looking for romance or are you already in a romantic relationship, but need some guidance?



Marie can help you answer these questions and more.  Anything that comes to mind for which you do not have an answer can be brought up to Spirit for clarification and guidance.

An Oracle reading with Marie is approximately 2 hours. Energy Exchange Rate: $200 

The first hour she will create a heart-to-heart Soul connection with you, while you relax in the comfort of your own home, contemplating the questions on your mind. 

Marie will then proceed with a reading using Angel Oracle Cards.  She will text you when she is done, after the first hour.  

The second hour you may go about your business as usual, while Marie continues to channel from Spirit while typing up the results with any further information that comes through. Once she is finished she will email you the results with images of the cards.  


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