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Celebrating over 33 years in practice, Marie has experience as a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor®, Qigong and Tai Chi practitioner and instructor, Sli na Slainte Walking Leader, Certified Massage Therapist, Sacred Dance as Meditation facilitator in the US and Ireland and is a MN State registered, ordained metaphysical healing minister. ​An empath since childhood, intuitive abilities came naturally to Marie and throughout her life, she has sought to continually develop these abilities not only for her own spiritual progression, but also to be of greater service to those who come to her for assistance.

Marie began therapeutic massage and holistic studies training in 1981 through apprenticeship in Minneapolis and New York and in 1987 completed training in Reiki healing and Chinese acupressure massage, after which, she opened her private practice. Marie also completed an accredited certification program in therapeutic massage and holistic studies from Northern Lights (now CenterPoint School of Massage and Shiatsu) in 1988 and since then, has become a lifelong student, practitioner and teacher of various forms of intuitive healing and energy medicine.

Marie strives to integrate her knowledge from all areas of study into her practice, teaching the concept of maintaining one’s state of wellness through an integrated holistic approach to living. This approach incorporates clean diet, daily meditative movement, mindfulness practice, energy healing and daily use of psychic and intuitive abilities to maintain a continuous, heart-centered connection to Divine Source. Doing so engenders the ability to live an authentically empowered, abundant life both personally and professionally. Followed earnestly, these practices promote continued harmony, balance and spiritual growth in one’s life.

It was this integrated approach that allowed Marie to effectively clear cellular memory blockages in her own energy field, which helped her finally achieve sustained recovery after a long journey with Hashimoto’s Disease, adrenal dysfunction and Fibromyalgia. This integrated approach has proven to be very effective, not only in clearing cellular memory issues around chronic illness and injury, but also in clearing life-patterns and ways of thinking that are no longer serving oneself and blocking oneself from envisioning, embracing and manifesting the joyous and abundant life one is meant to live.

Marie offers her services at her private practice and at the beautiful WillowBridge Center in Isanti, MN. She continuously infuses her work space with Divine Love, Joy and Peace to create a relaxing environment that soothes the senses and instills a sense of ease so she can best meet her clients’ and students’ needs.

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Services offered:

Distance or in-person energy Healing sessions that are an individualized blend of the following modalities as intuitively guided by spirit during each session.

  • Physio/Spiritual Healing
  • Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®)
  • Angelic Past Life Healing
  • Angelic Soul Retrieval
  • Qigong Meditation and Healing
  • Forrest Reiki 
  • Metaphysical Mentoring
  • Breathwork and Guided Imagery
  • Blessing bowl sessions for manifesting your intentions, desires and dreams​
  • Angelic house/office clearing and blessing​ with connection to the IET® World Angel Grid (WAG)






Classes Offered:

  • Introduction to the Healing Angels of the Energy Field
  • IET® practitioner training (Basic Intermediate and Advanced levels)
  • IET® for Pets Practitioner Certification Class (focused on healing for cats, dogs and horses)
  • IET® Power Steps 1-7
  • IET® World Angel Grid (WAG) Steps 8-14​
  • Psychic Development​ Basic and Advanced (currently being updated and improved)
  • Reiki Levels I & II
  • Reiki Master Mentorship

Professional Memberships:

  • Healing Touch Professional Association US/Int’l
  • Energy Medicine Professionals Association and Insurance​
  • International Metaphysical Ministry

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