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Welcome, kindred soul.
The Divine-Light within me shines forth to acknowledge the Divinity within you, and so honors our co-creative connection with the Universal Consciousness of Divine-MindThank you for following your heart and the Angels to this time and place so that our paths may cross and our souls recognize the spiritually magnificent beings that we are.

So many look outside themselves for direction and fulfillment, but it is by going within oneself, to The Divine Source, the very Source which gives one life, that one will become empowered to heal one’s life from within. Connecting with and embracing your own Divinity is the key to opening doors to the many levels of  your Sacred/Divine-Mind that will lead to a height of spiritual ascension in which you experience “being” pure love, peace, joy and abundance at all levels in all directions of time.  
I am honored to share my knowledge and gifts with you to help you on your personal and spiritual healing journey.
Using metaphysical principles, such as laws of attracting and manifesting the life-path of your dreams, you can learn how to access your intrinsic connection to Divine-Mind Power to heal yourself; body, mind and soul. The door of opportunity is open for you to take a series of classes or individual sessions to strengthen your spiritual mastery of these metaphysical principles, or if you choose, become a certified energy healing facilitator. In doing so, you will experience healing on a more profound level for yourself, and if you wish, you can even develop your abilities to become a Divine Channel for helping others heal.
The Universal Truths I share will empower you to nurture your True-Self and develop your Psycvhic/Intuitive abilites so that you may envision, embrace and manifest an authentic life that is true to your heart.  
Please journey within the pages of this site and look with your heart for the modality, class or therapy that speaks to you, so you may
experience the peace, love and joy-filled journey your life is meant to be! 
Peace, Love and Light ~ Marie
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Marie Forrest

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